Top 5 Results Your Sales CRM Software Should Deliver

“Should I invest in Sales CRM Software ?”  If you’re asking yourself this then the answer is yes. Whether you are a start-up, in the phase of expanding your businesses or looking to shift from an existing lead management system. The answer is yes. Like any buyer, you will first do your research on what is the Best Sales CRM Software to invest in. The research will tell you that 63% of all CRM implementations fail. Now, these aren’t promising statistics. Especially if you have to convince your boss, manager or yourself to invest in a CRM.

Why CRM Implementations Fail

There is no single answer to this question. It varies from one organization and business function to another. But in all the CRM implementation failures we have analyzed, a pattern has emerged. The first red signal is systems that lack flexibility. CRMs that can’t adapt to your team’s process won’t have many takers. Any CRM is as good as its utility. If your team refuses to use the CRM then it’s no good. The goal of any software, CRM included, is to reduce human effort.
These points might have set off warning bells in your head. You must be confused and unsure of which system to opt for. The first is to look for systems that are 90% customizable. If you can’t customize and configure a CRM to meet your business needs, then you are fighting a lost battle. Next is to focus on which of your processes will benefit from a CRM. Lead Management Systems that fail to improve your current processes are not the right fit for your business.
So what results should you expect from your CRM? While there are many and varied, we have shortlisted the top 5 for you. These points will help you invest in CRM software that delivers results. If you are already using a CRM, then you can compare these results against your current system.

Top 5 Results Your Sales CRM Software Should Deliver

100% Response Rate: Yes, you did read it right. Achieving a 100% response rate for your sales calls is possible. A Sales Software that completely automates your sales process can help improve customer engagement. Contrary to what teams believe, they will not be overburdened with work, but will systematically engage with leads at the right time. So even you miss a call, you don’t lose the lead.

5 Minutes Response Time: The buyer of today has the attention span of a toddler. So the deal is lost if you or your team delays the first call. Customers expect an immediate response. Remember there are several competitors vying for the customer’s attention. Grab the attention of customers by addressing their inquiries before anyone else.

Online Lead Wastage Reduction:  You spend large sums on marketing and it’s natural to expect ROI. The last thing you want is to waste these leads. 40% of leads are wasted because of poor engagement. With improved response time, your Customer Relationship Management Software should reduce up to 40% of the reduction of wasted leads.

100% follow up: What happens after the first call? In most cases, nothing. Failure to follow-up with leads is the primary cause of a stagnant pipeline. When you miss a scheduled call or follow-up at the wrong hour then you lose credibility with customers. Prompt follow-ups, done at the scheduled time, are bound to get your follow-up rates higher.

Auto-filled data:  What do sales teams hate doing the most? Manual data entry. Sales members have cultivated skills that help them sell. You need to capitalize on those skills rather than expecting them to fill excel sheets. The CRMs sole purpose should be to reduce your team’s manual effort by 85%, if not more.

These are some of the essential benefits your CRM should provide. These benefits speak volumes about the expectations of your buyer. Today, a CRMs purpose has moved beyond just data management. Your CRM should deliver tangible results,so you can exceed your revenue targets.

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