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Improve your inquiry conversions by decreasing response time, increasing response rates and automating your follow up cadence. Paramantra can help your customer facing team engage with inquiries in less than five minutes of them inquiring.

Ensure all your inquiries are processed within a time frame that is most conducive to increasing your inquiry conversion ratio. Use our cadence management module to create and run inter-channel follow up workflow via calls, emails and texts. Our industry first Cadence Management module can help you increase your conversion ratio by utilizing all modes of communication to run your drip marketing campaigns.

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Build and grow annuities in your product business with Paramantra. Core modules from our CRM that can help you convert and manage your customers’ annuity-based revenue including AMC, preventive maintenance management, forecast management and service expense management.

Collaboratively arrive at the value of your annual maintenance contract with your customers. Create and manage your agreements and inclusions in a simple-to-use yet comprehensive platform. Ensure your service and support teams manage and deliver optimally on the AMC.

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Make your performance review meetings more goals-driven with Paramantra. Use our intelligent-with-you AI based forecasting module to increase visibility between setting revenue targets and achieving sales results. Make it easy for your teams to report on which deals are likely going to contribute towards their targets.

This features set is easy to use for your team and is capable of handling any degree of complexity related to forecasting your business’ revenue. Monitor which deals should be added to forecast, analyze the ones already in forecast and check for deal updates and activities in our cohesive platform. You can even extend the scope of sales forecasting to your channel sales network and revenue related to after-sales, support and customer servicing.

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Paramantra makes it easy to drive consistency in pricing, decrease complexities in discounting policies and increasing your deal closure ratios. You can achieve this with a combination of our pricing win-loss analytics, proposal management, advanced quote-invoice-collect and discount policies modules.

With our analytics platform you can learn about which pricing configurations in the past have done well. This system can also make it easy to analyze your profit margins. The system has flexible pre-approved and ad-hoc discount approval mechanism which can reduce potential value erosion, delays to quote and transparency with your customers. Rely on Paramantra to comprehensively manage your proposal to collections functions.

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Run your campaigns through outsourced agencies or in-house teams with complete peace of mind by using Paramantra.

Our solution offerings for your marketing function include a wide variety of features that include rapid integration with best of breed service providers, multi-channel re-targeting, behavioral segmentation and targeting, attribution analytics and marketing operations management. Streamline marketing budget allocation with our advanced analytics that provides unique insights about each stage of engagement with every conceivable cohort.

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Use our CRM solution to implement your channel partners’ sales strategy. From on-boarding to sourcing inquiries, to managing operations and reporting on performance, Paramantra can help you drive efficiencies at any scale.

Implement our modular solutions that include partner help-line, partner mobile app, partner self-service login, channel partner recruitment, conflict resolution centre, knowledge and broadcasting to provide a world class, transparent and nimble platform to every single member of your distribution or channel partner network.

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Keep accurate records of samples or prototypes that are developed for your prospects and customers. Create flexible workflows to coordinate between technical teams, customer-facing teams, logistics and customers for every step in your sales process.

Paramantra can help you manage all stages, from requirement gathering to formulation or solution development to iterations and acceptance stages. Drive process efficiency and transparency with our simple, sharable and technically correct proposals and documentation module.

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Paramantra can help you convert your product sales to cash by optimizing every single step in the process. Use our strategic planning module to understand how much is ready to sell, can be made and sold and needs to be purchased to be made and sold.

Predict supplies and buffer values for inventory and stock by looking at past sales and orders in forecast. Seamlessly integrate your ERP and TPL or use Paramantra’s base modules to plan and execute your orders. Get every part of your business and customers on our collaborative Activity Management platform and transform all stakeholders’ experience while successfully processing orders.

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Take your customer centrality to the next level with Paramantra CRM. Automate every single aspect of your service and support function using our revolutionary service management module. Implement Paramantra to manage multi-channel customer communication, service and repairs, warranty and returns management, field service and service network management.

Give your customers and after-sales teams a multi-channel platform to interact with each other. Monitor and track customer query resolution and service teams’ efficiency. Utilize our advanced analytics to predict customer churn, gain insights for NPD and transform your cost centre to profit centre.

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Do not let travel restrictions come in the way of sales performance. Our solution offering make it easy for you to drive sales pipeline progression while working remotely.

Give your sales team the ability to seamlessly manage all their communications, documentation, approvals, targets, meetings with our enterprise grade modules built for aggressive, yet mature sales teams. Help your team stay motivated and focused towards their goals with our internal communications, revenue forecasting and embedded communication features to ensure you can manage and dedicate efforts on high propensity opportunities.

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Our powerful mobility solution allows easy access to records, communication, enterprise-grade field awareness, task management, activity reporting, invoicing and expense reporting. Rely on our industry-leading connectivity services that works in real time without access to internet when your teams are working in mission critical remote scenarios.

Our range of mobility solutions include Mobile CRM applications on all 3 major mobile device operating systems, internal IVR, concierge and advanced location-based services configurable for sales or service applications.

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Processes play a vital role in any organization. Every industry is concrete about their workflow model. The processes involved in a workflow are segregated through varying teams, and the end product of one unit is the initial source for the other.

Reporting on the functions like lead sourcing, lead management, monitoring channel sales, revenue forecasts, monitoring sales reps, client issue-resolving, client retention, revenue sourcing, and analysis are vital for any organization. Processes monitoring gives a definite structure to any organization's workflow. The segregation based on ranking leads to the transfer of information in splits and leads to disruption in pure intel, and the time-consuming stance leads to losing the clients.

Solution Capabilities



Paramantra's robust solution covers sales, marketing and service operations so you can effortlessly execute your organizational strategy.



How aware are you of customers needs? Paramantra assesses customer satisfaction and expectations, so you can deliver quality experiences.



Access curated reports for customer-facing activities that serve the needs of top-management, sales heads and executives.



Gain a bird's eye view of your pre-sales and sales pipeline, performance and revenue.



Manage channels, monitor budget and analyze campaign performance to improve marketing ROI.



All communication channels converge onto one robust platform to help you identify opportunities from interactions.



Stay connected with your teams and customers even on the move with Paramantra's mobility solutions.



Our robust mobility solution helps your team update the CRM from anywhere and at anytime even when faced with network constraints.



Wasting time on targeting the wrong customers? With auto-suggestions your teams will engage with customers who are most liKely to convert.



Your unique business needs are met with Paramantra's ability to accommodate infinite customizations in it's suit of advanced features.



Access to accurate and real-time data helps you identify opportunities behind online/offline customer engagement.



We take care of your business even after the sale is done. Our team goes the extra mile to on-board and educate your team about best practices.


Marketing, Sales and Service CRM

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Effortlessly manage sales team with sales CRM software.


97% implementation success in over 250 organizations.


Hand-pick from 250+ features that work best for your business.

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Update the CRM from anywhere, at anytime and from any device.


All customer interactions from one nimble platform.

Good Data

Make informed decisions with swift and accurate information.


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