5 Features Your Automotive CRM Needs

Purchasing an automobile is no longer a luxury, it is a need. Consumers today are equipped with a range of choices when it comes to buying their dream vehicle. Availability and ease of acquiring loans make the entire process of purchasing vehicles simpler and easier than ever before. This change has created a great demand for vehicles in the market.

This is a great time to be part of the automotive industry. Your dealership can thrive in this environment of demand. But this also means that you are not the only dealer in the market. You face competition from many dealers who are vying for the attention of buyers. So, you may be experiencing higher demands but that also means that you are facing increased competition from dealers.

In such a market, the one thing that will help you stand out from the crowd is providing exceptional pre-sales and post-sales service to your prospects. This emphasis on quality service will ensure that prospects do not migrate to competitors.

Obstacles That Affect Automotive Sales and Service

  1. Follow-ups – You receive several incoming enquiries in a day. The question is, what happens to these leads? Is your team engaging with the lead at the right time and in the right way? Responding to multiple lead enquiries is not easy but you cannot let the leads slip through.  If your team fails to follow-up on time, the lead will immediately reach out to the competitor. Remember, a well-timed follow-up can make or break a deal.
  2. Centralized communication –  You must provide accurate answers every time you receive an incoming enquiry. Prospects often pose questions about models, availability and pricing during the first call. Due to this, it is important that your team is the primary point of contact. Adopting a cohesive platform that tracks and manages SMS/Email/Call communications give valuables insights into consumer requirements. Tracking your calls can also help understand if your teams are successfully engaging with clients or not.
  3. KYC documentation – Your work begins once the prospect is on board.  Only when you streamline your sales process can you provide quality services. An Automotive CRM can help achieve this. Your CRM will provide a secure database for storing KYC information. It is during the process of updating and entering KYC details that time delays occur. Paramantra’s CRM provides a simple solution through which customers can upload KYC documents directly to the CRM. This helps manage bulk documentation with ease. Prospects also receive automated reminders if they forget to send the necessary documentation. 
  4. Volatile pricing –  When you send out quotations and invoices with different prices, you are risking the reputation of your business. Mismatch in prices is often a factor which causes leads to question the credibility of your product and service. It is best to provide documentation that follows the same pricing to avoid any form of confusion. Automating this process can help omit any human errors. Our Automotive CRM helps generate pre-defined quotes and invoices that have consistent pricing. You can also mention/modify discounts and additional service charge on the documents, so your prospect gets a clear picture of the pricing.
  5. Stock & inventory – When a prospect inquires about the availability of a particular model/ colour, you should be equipped to provide accurate answers. You need a clear overview of your stock and inventory at all times. Our CRM gives you real-time updates about inventory, so you can provide timelines by which customers can receive the desired model.

Optimize your Post-Sales Revenue

You are faced with more challenges once the sale is done. You need to ensure that customers continue to connect with you for vehicle servicing. Paramantra will help optimise your post-sales revenue through:

  • Maintenance – You can auto-schedule maintenance plans for existing customers. This will help you keep a tab on which the executive needs to follow-up with the client and find the best way to take care of the customer’s needs. You can utilise your resource and save time once you streamline your maintenance processes.
  • Regular reminders – Our CRM sends automated reminders via Email/SMS to clients. These reminders provide deadlines for servicing and premium renewals. Regular reminders, in turn, help executives engage with clients at the right time.
  • Missed follow-ups – Humans forget, machines don’t. Our CRM provides regular reminders in case you have missed a follow-up about servicing and policy renewals.

With Paramantra’s Automotive CRM you can conduct regular and accelerated follow-ups. You can also avail 100% optimization of post-sales revenue and above all, you will face no loss of leads to competitors. You can invest with us using our Safe Invest Program and can subscribe for a trial before you make a long-term commitment to our software.

Why wouldn’t you want to enjoy 18% more leads, 100% lead data security and 7500+ reduction in the resource? Get in touch with us today.

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