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A Leading Tour Operator Increases sales efficiency with Paramantra

Director and Chief Operating Officer

Paramantra has created a custom solution for us. We are very pleased with the systems ability to integrate all aspects of our customer communication. The system is feature rich and their staff is extremely knowledgeable about what goes on in sales and marketing department. Great after sales, pricing and value for money solution for long term use.

Background: Our Customer is a well known tour operator with specialization in packaged, high end tours in New Delhi, India. Most of their inquiries are generated via google adwords, facebook and email marketing. The organization has developed a special niche in catering to customers interested in pre-packaged, modular packages. Their sales and marketing team has about 15 members and is rapidly growing to address the growth in demand for the organization.

IT Setup Before Paramantra: Our customer used disparate systems to manage incoming calls, update leads, create quotations and invoices and communicate with clients during the sales process. All leads were collected and registered manually. The tour operator was storing and sharing confidential documentation-like passport, Bank statements, Address Proof of customers via emails. This documentation was required since almost all of their packages are international and require visa and other travel related statutory compliance. The organization used different systems for communicating with their clients and recording progress with each client.

Complexities, Challenges and Process Bottlenecks Solved by Paramantra: With so many different systems, their call center , marketing, sales and marketing departments were finding it arduous to manage rapid growth. Paramantra helped solve several of these process bottlenecks and put in place simple yet effective framework to increase sales efficiency. Key areas of improvement are as follows:
1: Customer Communication: Calls, emails, Texts, File Sharing: Today, each aspect of customer communication is managed centrally and updated automatically. All interactions get updated in one place to give one view of interactions

2: Pricing, Quotation & Invoicing: All price related functions, generating quotes, managing discounts, invoicing and booking are 100% automated with Paramantra. Earlier, there was no track or control of this process since quotes and invoices were manually created leading to missed revenue potential as well as unmet customer needs.

3: Marketing-Planning Efficiency: Paramantra automatically creates, de-duplicates and classifies new and repeat inquiries coming from clients. This not only allows to save time in responding to clients but also saves on wasteful marketing expenses. Additionally the ability to track exact quality of marketing leads helps in easily deciding which marketing efforts needs improvement, which need more investment and which add no real value to the organizations revenue.

4: Future Proof Lead Management: With Paramantra the client is able to try different ways of classifying and focusing on the sales pipeline. With time, it may be noticed that certain stages in the sales pipeline need to be broken in smaller stages, while others are not needed or be merged with another stage. The system can automatically suggest the best configuration over period of time and changes can be made by anyone experienced in sales management.

5: Rich Data, Less Input: The system is easily integrated with all lead sources, communication medium and devices. Paramantra has reduced manual data updates and entry by 95% . The team can now move it's focus from data entry to sales effectiveness since there are no information roadblocks for sales team.

Success lever for Future: Like several of it's industry peers, our client did not have a structured, system based framework to manage a modern sales team. By using Paramantra not only did our client save 75% of their CRM costs, it also had better understanding of how to re-allocate it's lead generation and advertising budgets. create quotations and track changes to their clients purchase or quotation history. Tours and travel industry is fiercely competitive the difference between a closed deal and an inquiry can be a function of seconds. With a paradigm shift in how customers look for information on-line and choose their travel package. Our client truly believes that while a lot of their services need to be off-line but they need to respond to clients like any online business would. Paramantra has created a platform for the clients aggressive growth plans and looks forward to partner them every step of the way.

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