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Mitigating CRM project failure risk with Paramantra

Summarized introduction to the refund clause

Purpose: To establish Paramantra as the pioneer in success partnership model.The first commercial engagement that you enter with Paramantra may be as short as ninety days. After this phase an annual agreement needs to be executed to ensure provisioning of services.By offering a no obligation, full refund policy we would like our select customers to make positive decisions to work with us-knowing that in their success lies our success.

Focus Areas: The success commitment is in-line with our core product focus areas. For that very reason an active engagement during the initial days of subscription is pertinent to obtain positive outcome.The policy is applicable for a regulated time period only so please explore fitment with a company representative.

Method: The clause is included in a separate subscription agreement.For now,the agreement is executable in the United States of America. Refund payments will be offered in less than a week and has to undergo accounting validation only.There is clear language that ensures the action can unilaterally be initiated by the subscription purchaser.

Refusal: Sometimes we would know that our software is not a great fit for what you are trying to achieve.In that situation, a senior principal will provide you information explaining our inability to offer you a refund clause.No more than 15% of our subscriptions will be sold without the refund clause till December 2016.

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