Gartner, Forrester, Grail and other renowned market research agencies have publicly shared the success ratios of CRM implementations. These market reports claim that, globally, 40-63% of CRM implementations fail to meet their stated objectives. While analysts cite various reasons to explain this high-failure rate, we, at Paramantra, have developed a program that allays your concerns about implementation failures. Paramantra has been serving the sales CRM system needs of clients for over 11 years, with a retention rate of over 97%.

Our intent is to familiarize realtors with development occurring in the Real Estate sales and marketing realms. We strive towards disseminating technological advancements that aid the goals of management teams looking to optimize sales results.

MIT Report: Less Lead Wastage and More Site Visits

Professor Dr James Oldroyd at MIT analyzed 3 years of sales data and deciphered ground-breaking results. The key postulates of this report, which are most relevant to the Real Estate industry, state that:

  • You gain 21 times more site visits if leads are contacted within 5 minutes, as opposed to 30 minutes, post enquiry.
  • Engagement within 5 minutes also reduces lead wastage by 92%.


Marketing Automation and Sales: Invest Less, Gain More


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Digital Marketing has emerged as a pertinent source of lead generation across verticals. Its importance has surpassed that of traditional methods. Hence, Real Estate enterprises are experiencing a pressing need to execute their sales and marketing operations on one cohesive platform. In addition, unsold inventory and a need to achieve excellence in sales operations are amongst the top 3 concerns faced by CXO’s today.

Paramantra has built technology that ‘speaks’ to contemporary sales. Native integrations with all sources, inbuilt intelligence for lead allocation and a high degree of automation ensure that there is zero loss of revenue due to missed opportunities or lack of action.

Changing Face of Real Estate Sales and Marketing

Real Estate CRM, Lead Management Software, Real Estate Software

The “one-person-does-everything-in-sales-process” model is definitely obsolete. The reasons behind its obsolescence are several: from the advent of better time management principles, increase in salary expectations of tenured sales professionals and logistical issues where travelling back and forth between corporate and site offices is no longer feasible, longer sales cycles to increased competition. In recent times, a new framework of team structure has emerged that distributes the sales function across two or three groups. We have further explored and analysed this structure in a detailed article which you can find here.

Contemporary Organizational Structure of Real Estate Sales

Real Estate Sales,Lead Management Software, Real Estate CRM

Real Estate Sales,Lead Management Software, Real Estate Software

We Develop Sales CRM Software that Drives Business Results.

Over 4000+ users have streamlined existing processes with our Real Estate CRM. This implementation has helped improve the overall sales strategy of these organisations.

Real Estate CRM,Lead Management Software,Sales CRM Software

The result? Our customers have reduced manual data entry by 90% and improved first-time response rate by 85%. In addition, lost deals due to inaccuracies in pricing have been reduced by 82%. By removing these roadblocks, we have helped teams improve their overall sales process and helped organizations achieve 21 times more site visits. The advantage – an increase in revenue and transparency in internal systems coupled with improved quality of customer service.

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