Paramantra Enterprise Real Estate CRM Solution

paramantra crm features from acg on Vimeo.

Transcript of the Video:
Hello and Welcome to Paramantra’s video, made exclusively for senior real estate professionals in India. Have you ever felt like the sales and marketing teams should deliver more? That there is some secret, some truth- somewhere, which is holding the team back from selling more? Let me ask you a question. While reviewing sales and marketing performance what are some of the questions that you need answers to?
In my meetings with people in roles such as yourself, I get told that amongst others, some of these questions are:
1: How Many leads can we really use to convert to site visit?
2 : Amongst those who visit, who will buy?
3: Which lead did we forget to follow up with?
Those are simple questions, yet if answered correctly and on time, can decide the fate of a real estate project. Of course, the biggest challenge in answering these questions, lies in getting team members to find and fill information, both correctly and regularly. This is what we do at Paramantra. We help find answers to these questions, without forcing your teams to provide information manually. Since 2008 Paramantra has worked with Fortune 500 Brands as well as startups. Not only have we earned the trust of private sector corporations, but also been awarded by the Honourable Government of India. With over 2500 users in real estate alone our success is based on the way we make selling real estate easy in India:
1: Firstly, We are directly connected to all property portals, 99 acres, MagicBricks,, Sulekha, and many, many more.
2: We are also pre-integrated with Google AdWords, FaceBook ,Twitter and Online Chats like liveSurv. All your landing pages and websites are also integrated centrally.
3: Thirdly, your Land Lines, Advertized numbers, Mobile Numbers, Hosted PBX or IVR system, Toll Free, SMS and email systems are all seamlessly connected with our award winning solution.

With Paramantra you get a direct, real time, de-duplicated access to interested customers and an automatically updated view of work done on emails, calls, SMS and sales statuses. On top of this, using deep machine learning, Paramantra guides your team to focus on important leads- so they never miss an opportunity to sell!  So Imagine—no manual reporting, getting more site-visits, ensuring 100% site visit follow ups, and having the ability to see how much revenue will be generated. And All this, without the hassle of asking your team members to fill reports. Would you like to learn how Paramantra users are always ahead of the competition? The solution to better sales is a call away- Contact us today, we look forward to getting introduced to you.