Call Management System for Real Estate- Complimentary

Description of Call Tracking Solution

You would already know that there is nothing virtual, or real in the business of virtual numbers-here is a detailed article on this topic. Now, if virtual numbers can harm you, how to track calls? Well, the answer is using a call tracking solution-and hopefully you will pick call tracking solution from Paramantra, which is free and truly enterprise grade. A disclaimer here, call tracking solution is a part (a very important part)of our sales management and service management solution. Over the last 10 years of our existence, we have seen several companies promoting virtual numbers as a tracking solution, and charging for it. Some of them are venture capital backed, while others are lead generation companies and real estate developer owned companies looking for customer data-either way, they have been unfair and under-priced. In these 10 years, having served Fortune 500, large and medium-sized customers, we have decided to invest back in the Indian economy. So Call tracking which is part of our sales/service management suite of products, is being offered to anyone interested for free.

That said, let’s take a look at what features A call tracking solution must have and what is Paramantra offering for free:

1: Professional Greeting: Announcement of your company name eg. Welcome to ABC co. your call is important to us…..etc. You may already have one recorded, but if you do not have one, our dedicated media team in the US will be happy to write, voice over, record make one for you, as a complimentary service.

2: IVR-Press 1 for this, 2 for that, 3 for something else: You may skip this step if your business does not need it. However, it sometimes helps to distribute and register calls based on the choices a caller makes. So if you need an IVR functionality, Upon signup, or any time thereafter you can either set up your IVR yourself or ask our support team to set this up for you.

3: Music On Hold: While the system is searching for an available or appropriate (See #4) representative, this is the music your callers hear. If your organization does not have a corporate music on hold, our media lab will be happy to custom create one for you-you can choose from various music genres, like Jazz/Blues, Hip Hop, Upbeat, Rock themed, electronic etc. This will be custom created for your organization in the US as a complimentary service.

4: Text/SMS Alert Post Call: There are several scenarios both during and after, a successful or unsuccessful call that an SMS needs to be sent. These messages will be sent by your companies sender ID, so your customers can differentiate and know that the SMS came from your company. You can configure the system in many different ways to send this messages(unlimited, of course) and write whatever content you may need to send. If you are short on time, you may use from amongst the many professionally written messages that Paramantra can provide.

5: Roles and Rules: If you are planning to track calls then, of course, there are several scenarios and rules that you may need to put in place. For example what to do if a customer calls for the second time? What if the call is after working hours, What if the representative does not answer -these choices are in numerous. Paramantra has every aspect covered, you may choose any kind of rules or logic about the rights a representative has -to the call experience you want to give to your clients.

6: Toll-Free, EPABX, Landline, Mobile Number: You can display anything, we will support you with anything or all of these. Plus since these are your own official assets- eg your existing landline is on your own name and provided by Tata/Airtel so there is no need to worry about vendor Lock-in. Come and go as you please. Also, the set up in most cases is at a click of a button-meaning it takes lesser time to set that up for you than it took to write these lines.

7: Tracking a PRI/Fancy Land Line number: A PRI line has 30 channels and can be used by 100 people simultaneously if you have one or want one then these services are provided by popular telecom companies. Paramantra will be happy to set your own private telephone exchange in your office premises. Not a lot of customers know but this solution is actually amongst the best ways to set up a call tracking solution. The IT requirements are easily attainable if you have a proper company and office set up. Cost wise too-if you have ever used a PRI line in the office, then, of course, you can afford another one since the monthly bill includes free calls to that invoice value. Some need it, some do not. For those who need it, we will set you up for free.

8: Reports and Dash Boards: When we were founded in 2008, our first few project assignments to build technology and reporting frameworks for Fortune 500 clients. That has helped build a strong foundation of data analytics, big data, reporting etc. There is no restriction or limitation on the kind of reports that you can pull up in this solution. It is endless really, but again if you are short on time, you can use reports that we have curated and recommended based on popularity and usage.

9: Mobile App: You can find the mobile app that works both online and offline. This is available on all three platforms- Windows, IOS, Android. Just go to any of the stores and search with the term Paramantra. Keep Notifications on

10: Pre-configured APIs: Just by entering your login credentials you can access, in real time all your leads from portals like Quikr, common floor, 99 acres, roof and floor, Magic bricks,, Indiamart, Just dial and several others. What this helps in is making sure leads from all sources and channels are easily created and distributed after being deduplicated centrally.

11: Tracking Calls from different Sources: With so many new ways of marketing, trying each approach should not be difficult. The trick is to monitor results in each of these new approaches. If you want to track which marketing effort is giving you most customer callbacks, there is only one way to do it, without manual intervention. Display different numbers in different places. With Paramantra’s free call tracking solution, you can easily do that. Of course, it is dependant on how many of these we have left, so while we feel unlike ourselves to say this but Hurry and get yours for free now. Some Virtual number companies charge 30,000-1,00,000/yr for 2 numbers, with Paramantra though, you can even get 200 such numbers to display. Even in our paid product subscription, our pricing is not dependent on how many numbers you need for displaying.

12: Call Recording/ VoiceMail: You may need to record calls for quality monitoring purposes. This is also included in the call tracking solution that we provide. You may also configure your system in such a manner that the feature is enabled for all or enabled for select team members only. Other advanced options include selecting to give your team members the ability to download or delete these voice recordings. There is no restriction to storage of these sound files. We have had customers who have stored their voice data with us for 10 years at no incremental price.

13: Unlimited Minutes: Virtual number solutions that are available in the market today give only up to 1000 minutes of talk time. Even if your customer calls you and you are unable to answer, it is counted as usage minutes. Paramantra does not make margins on calls, therefore in our free call tracking service, you can talk for as long as you need to. There is no call duration monitoring.

14: Click 2 Call: Free click to call- You can use our open APIs to implement click to call on any of your landing pages, email campaigns or your website. Again this is a complimentary service and we charge nothing for this service. A click to call service is the modern day alternative to a toll-free. It allows the user to start a call just by clicking on the computer monitor. In using the click to call service you will also be able to ensure that the customer need not read the number on the screen, then type it on the phone-no manual intervention, no error call connects each time.

15: Website and Landing Pages: This particular feature is not really a call tracking service. Since some of your customers may choose to write to you instead of calling, it would make sense to track all those inquiries in one central place. After all, it is probably the same sales team which will follow up with these inquiries too. The last thing you want is multiple systems to manage customer engagement. With the call tracking solution, you also get to use our APIs that can make integration to the website and/or your landing page very convenient.

The features and functionalities mentioned above are complimentary and will give you the opportunity to build and automate good processes and practices in your customer-facing teams. When you are ready for a full-fledged sales management software, you can get access to industries best modules, more advanced features and provisions by subscribing to the paid version. Paid version of the product is very affordable, it is built on customer feedback in India for over 10 years. For an overview, you can watch a video of our real estate CRM software for India by clicking here.