Pharmaceutical, Neutraceutical

Nutraceutical Industry CRM Implementation

The pharmaceutical industry is at the center-stage during the Corona pandemic. Earlier this week, we on-boarded a customer grappling with managing their distribution network and latency in engagement with customers for their OTC, well-being range of nutraceutical product offerings. This small business is based out of MumbaiIndia, and has implemented Paramantra to create a platform to communicate with its customers and distribution network. We are solving issues around order management and tracking, marketing, field sales efficiency, and ensuring their customers stay on track with their course of medication. From Pharmaceuticals to Medical Devices, we care about Healthcare. Here’s a brief overview of core business issues that we are helping our customer overcome. 

Inquiries-Distributors, Consumers

Our customer gets inquiries from both new and old distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. Additionally, there is a lot of interest from end consumers in their well-being range of medication. Core issues to address are to reduce complexities in lead management. Using our robust and adaptive pipeline management capabilities we have been able to create simple and effective processes for both On-boarding a partner and addressing questions of prospective consumers. Both these processes have distinct “deal closure” stages that have been incorporated to cover all aspects of their processes.

Customer Engagement

Most of the medication is spread over a period of time and consumers need to re-order. Other products are lifestyle in nature, meaning they form a part of consumers’ daily lifestyle. Our system is able to predict consumption pattern and re-order date and send notifications for a re-order. Additionally, we use this to automatically forecast demand scenarios. This forms the basis of production planning that not only gives insight into upcoming production and product mix but also expense and cost analysis.

Partner Order Management

Since our customer’s offerings are nonprescriptive in nature, stores order stock based on prior history of sales. To achieve this we have implemented our order management module that a partner can use to place an online order through web, call or initiate by sending a text message. Order registration, confirmation, dispatch, and delivery stages are automated covering 3 different teams as well as the recipient and originator of the order.

Marketing Management

Well-being is trending! Due to increased awareness, there is a lot of demand from the market for nutraceuticals. Our customer gets almost all inquiries via its social media marketing efforts. With Paramantra, not only is the customer able to track all sales generated online and attribute it to ad spending, but also churn inquiries that are not converting. To churn these inquiries we have created a comprehensive 360 degree follow-up mechanism based on prospects response making periodic calls, email, and text message.

Outside of this implementation, we are researching and developing our product extensions to cover and/or detail several different processes. The next level of product refinement for makers field sales light manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and life-science will include greater automation in areas of partner management, community awareness, peer to peer referral sales as well as subscription management.