End To End Sales

End To End Sales & Marketing Automation

“Is my current CRM System helping me achieve my business’s true potential?”

You must have asked yourself this question especially if you are looking to modernize your customer-facing functions. It is important that, while reviewing sales and marketing performance, your current system helps you get answers to these questions.

Inaccurate Data Impedes Your Decision Making

1: Are all leads generated by marketing being attended to in time?

2: How much revenue can we forecast and where is that going to come from?

3: What needs to be done for growing repeat business and client retention?

4: Which opportunities do we need to focus on to maximize sales?

These are simple questions, yet if answered correctly and on time, can decide between success and failure of an organization’s growth strategy.

Of course, the biggest challenge in answering these questions lies in getting team members to find and fill information, both correctly and regularly. This is what we do at Paramantra.

We help find answers to these questions, without forcing your teams to do tedious data entry and reporting every day.

We were founded in 2008 in the Greater Boston area and as of December 2019, we have direct offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. Awarded by the honorable Govt of India, we have helped 100s of customers in over 30 different industry verticals across India.

Sales And Marketing Automation

With over 250 modules we can mobilize and modernize every single aspect of your sales, marketing and service functions. Here are a few examples of what our solution can do for you:

1: Our solution can help your management team conduct performance review meetings more productively. Key information about revenue from upcoming sales, recurring payments, deals at risk and progress on delegated tasks are all available at the click of a button.

2: With Paramantra your team’s activity reports will have 85% lesser dependency on manual data entry. You can get automatically generated dashboards about your team’s activity levels and easily identify what your teams need to focus on.

3: Responding to an inquiry on time makes all the difference in this increasingly digital era. Paramantra makes it easy for your team members to respond to every customer, in as less as 5 minutes, without even going to their computer or mobile app. Research shows that responding to an online lead in 5 minutes drives sales by as much as 21 times.

4: From tracking your marketing and sales processes to managing channel partners to pricing and quotations to automating your delivery process – You can automate any part of your sales and service process with Paramantra.

There’s nothing we don’t have a feature for.

Modernize Your Customer-Facing Functions

Our solution easily integrates with any of your existing software and communication channels or sources of data, to give you a cohesive and central platform to manage customer-facing functions.

When you subscribe to Paramantra, you can do so with trust and confidence knowing that we provide unconditional returns and refunds for periods as long as a year.

Designing your solution, implementation, customizations and changes, dashboards, training and consulting will all be available to you on an Un-metered and unlimited basis.

Industry Served:

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