Mohan Singh Oberoi

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Mohan Singh Oberoi

Man with a Vision

One of the greatest businessmen in India who started out with nothing but created his benchmark in the hospitality industry is Rai Bahadur Mohan Singh Oberoi. Known as the “Grand Old Man of the Indian Hospitality Business”, he was born on August 15, 1898, in Punjab. Unfortunately, he lost his father when he was only six months old. But with enthusiasm, grit and hard work, he went to establish the Oberoi Group.

With humble beginnings as a desk-boy to founding Oberoi Group (EIH) with an enterprise value of over $1 Billion in a developing economy like India, Mohan Singh Oberoi’s life’s story is an under-told one. A story that has and will inspire entrepreneurs for years to come. Today, the Group boasts of 31 luxury hotels and a luxury cruise line in 6 countries and is a recipient of numerous awards.

When asked about what motivated him, Oberoi said:

“The idea was never to merely make money.
The compulsion was to think big, always to offer the best.”

The Oberoi brand spearheaded the hospitality sector in India much before any other brand. Oberoi Group was also one of the first companies to have women employees in the hospitality sector in what was then a very conservative Indian culture. Their customer service was so great that the brand’s popularity has grown extensively between its establishment in 1934 until now. Recipient of coveted awards like The Best Hotel Brand in the Travel+Leisure category of World’s Best Awards, World’s Leading Luxury Hotel Brand award for the fourth consecutive year by World Travel Awards 2015, bear some testimony to the brand value of the Oberoi Group.

Service That Brought Smiles and Business

Having tasted success in India, Oberoi became the first Indian hotelier to partner with an internationally renowned hotel chain. Thus, the first five-star hotel in the country – The Oberoi InterContinental was established in 1965. The I-Con, as it became popularly known, offered outstanding facilities. From great customer service, warm and hospitable staff to uncompromising quality –  It was this personalization that helped The Oberoi Group achieve success.

Ask any successful brand in the hospitality sector about what is their number one success factor and chances are they would mention customer satisfaction. In this increasingly digitized economy, customer expectation management has become the single most important corporate objective. Legacies like that of Mr. Oberoi’s enterprise, however hard to replicate, remain worth pursuing. With increased awareness, the travel and tourism industry is utilizing the best of management practices and technology-backed solutions to make your next holiday a memorable one. Like to learn more about what Paramantra’s solutions in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry are?  Click here: