Travel CRM

The Best Time to Make a Sales Call for Tours and Travel Agents

Across industries, engagement with customers is important. But in industries, such as tourism, each incoming enquiry has the potential to turn into a closure. We compiled the average projected data for a group of travel agencies that provide specialised holiday packages. The projected data displays incoming call trend for a 5-month period. The intent of the article is to throw light on what counts as the best to make a sales calls in the tourism industry.

Incoming Call Trend

Our analysis of incoming call trend pattern indicates that incoming calls usually peak between 9 AM to 11 AM. Which means that people prefer to pose enquiries during the early morning hours. The incoming call trend dips around mid-day and again displays a sight peak between 3:30 PM and 5:00 PM.

How can This Data Benefit Your Sales Team?

With this data in mind, travel agents can prepare teams to anticipate more sales call during peak hours. With the help of the report, agents can also try to answer more incoming enquiries, which is of great importance in the tourism business.

The only way agencies can ensure that customers don’t navigate towards online portals is by providing complete engagement on the first call. Incoming enquiries are a strong indicator of interest. Clients proactively reach out to you because they want to know more about your package. You need to retain and maximise this initial interest by providing maximum engagement. A way of solving this problem is to analyse seasons during which there is a peak in bookings and then hiring interns/personnel to handle incoming calls during that period.