Call Management System

Paramantra’s Call Management System – A secure & free alternative to Virtual Numbers

Why are you still paying for virtual numbers when you can choose a free and secure alternative? Let us tell you why virtual numbers are doing more harm to your business than good. SIM cards are linked to 10-digit virtual numbers that are offered by external providers. Your virtual number is, in reality, a physical SIM card. Your provider could re-assign the numbers to a competitor once your contract ends.

You can choose Paramantra instead. We provide a secure call management system that will help you track all incoming/outgoing calls. Also, our call tracking software is complimentary and you can add as many numbers as you want at no additional costs.  

Advantages of Adopting a Call Management System

There are many advantages to using our free call tracking software, we have listed down some of these benefits for you:

  1. You own the number – Your number is a part of your brand identity. Whether you are running an active campaign or have planned for one, you should own the number that will you track leads. With Paramantra’s free call tracking software, you own the number forever. 
  2. 100% Security  – Most Virtual Number providers use SIM cards and that means that your number is not unique. Re-use of your number is always a looming threat in such a scenario. With Paramantra, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that all your lead details are in safe hands.
  3. Provision for Landline, PRI & toll-free – If you want to advertise your landline or toll-free number, then why are you doing it at an additional price? With Paramantra you have control over your numbers and you can add as many numbers as you want. Hardware and technical support are all complimentary services you enjoy on signing up with us. 

With our free call management system and CRM software, you can: 

  • Reduce theft of opportunity.
  • Conduct regular follow-ups with leads.
  • You will be provided with accurate pricing

Our secure and advanced CRM software helps channelise your focus towards converting your leads into satisfied customers.