Using Virtual Number?

Using Virtual Number? It’s Bad for Your Business – Try this instead

Virtual Numbers- Not Ok. Tracking calls- Is Ok.

Paramantra’s Free Alternative for You.

What is a Virtual Number? By using the term Virtual Number (VN), I am referring to cloud-based telephony offering that is prevalent in the market. Yes, the popular names and “affordable” pricing. I am not disputing that you should track incoming calls-That you should. However, as you know, THE DEVIL IS IN DETAILS. The detail I am providing will help you understand what to be careful about and what to focus before signing up for a VN. Here goes some marketing-if you need a virtual number, to track calls, as part of the special promotion, we are giving away Call tracking systems for free. You can get as many as you want at no Cost and in several cases- FOREVER.

But, my guess is you like research, reasons, scientific facts and proof before you would bother thinking about the problem of using VN. So here it goes:

  1. Who owns that Number forever? If you are a serious marketer you will want the number to be with you regardless of whether a campaign is running or not. It is part of your brand identity. If you stop a campaign and stop paying for the VN, the service provider will give this number to someone else-even your competitor. It could also be that you have taken a virtual number that belonged to someone else. If you like second hand-go for it. For a SIM card, if I am a respectable business, I would go for a new SIM card -not second hand.  Now you may Ask—Wait for SIM CARD????????? Is this not a Virtual Number? WHICH SIM CARD ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?  Please read the 2nd Point    
  2. Virtual Number: Is not Virtual. It is a SIM Card. Want me to state that again. Oh, Sorry, here goes the reason. So-does this VN, look like a cell number? Think again, it had 10 digits. Now Ask yourself, who is allowed to issue phone numbers? Of course, only Telecom Operators duly authorized by the Government Agencies. In India, the licenses are with companies like Tata, Airtel, Reliance, Jio, Vodafone, BSNL etc. You also know that each player has its own number series. Now, look at the virtual numbers that have been provided to you for choosing. Do they look like Tata, Reliance Airtel etc?  You know why they look like that? Well, because they are. Meaning these numbers are clearly provided by TATA/Airtel/Vodafone. So if there is a number, then there has to be the possibility of assigning a SIM card-Right?? Basically-if your vendor says the sim card is in Cloud, you can not have it, it is a service, all of that is just Misinformation or BS. The truth is you can have the SIM card in your phone and still use it as a Virtual Number. So tomorrow, you can re-use it by paying the minimum rental to TATA/AIRTEL or the provider. Not only can you have that SIM card, you can also have the SIM card in your or your business’s name. Then why would you not buy the best number for your business DIRECTLY from Airtel/TATA/Vodafone in your Name? Gives you ownership, control (what if  a customer sends SMS or WhatsApp on that number?) and you can change tracking/IVR solution provider whenever you want.
  3. How many VNs do you need: Well it is very simple, you need one VN for every source of leads. If you do not track every source, how will you really understand what is working for you and where you should invest more?? By having a bunch of these numbers, you will truly be able to decide on marketing related expenses. Since the SIM card belongs to you and they are really inexpensive, you can have as many numbers as you want. Well at least that is the logic we follow at Paramantra- it sounded very fair to us. You take as many numbers as you need and we will track at no cost. Of course, in today’s world why would you need to pay someone for tracking and managing your own business calls? It is free forever,  so please fill the form and we can save you thousands every month in call tracking expenditures.
  4. Do you want another real estate company to provide you call tracking service: I hope NOT!  Ok, so this is really big. There is a company, that gives call tracking solutions. The prices are unbelievably low and their customer list is large enough due to the prices. Sorry to Break it to you- that companies’ owner has a real estate company too. You may be unknowingly sending your customers to them. Another big factor, what if your virtual number provider is also a marketing agency that sells leads to all real estate companies? Or worst– what if a big real estate company has funded the software that you are using??? Of course, your data and your business is AT BIG RISK. Do not believe us? Would you believe if we showed you Government Records Right Now??? contact us and we will show you the information right now.
  5. What about Landline, PRI, Toll-Free? If you would like to advertise your landline number, PRI(30 Channel/100 extension) or a Toll-Free number you can very easily do that. You will notice that most VN suppliers will come up with reasons for you to not do that, or will want more money. The basic theory remains the same- These numbers are provided by service providers like TATA, Airtel, BSNL etc. and there really is no point having someone else take these numbers on your behalf, losing control and paying money. There is a perfectly normal option available, you can take these numbers directly in your name and Paramantra can track/manage them for you, forever and for free. And please do not worry about hardware, if the virtual number provider says, why do you want Hardware-put it in Cloud? Then Just say-I want complete control and peace of mind. By the way, you only need Hardware if you are using a PRI phone line. If you are using a PRI line, then, of course, you have a decent sized team, which means you are not a startup. Regardless-the Hardware comes free with Paramantra CRM, along with complimentary tech support.
  6. Features, Benefits, Price, Problem to Solve: Well like we said, the regular Virtual Number solutions that are currently in the market, actually do not do much, other than track calls and hosted IVR. You can actually get the same features, in a safe environment, that too at no Cost. Now the problem that you really want to solve, is tracking and maximizing sales. Making sure there is no theft of opportunity, making sure every lead has been followed up with, making sure the pricing is correct, making sure there is some science or process behind Revenue targets, ensuring Channel partners are comfortable. You get the drift right? Sales get money- to build a culture of sales, get a good team, give a good process and please do not feed a competitor.